3 Steps To Heal Dermatitis Naturally

According to standard Western medicine, dermatitis is incurable. Doctors often prescribe medicines like cortisone, which do yield quick improvements, but those improvements can only ever be temporary. After a while of using the drug, the effect gradually gets weaker, and you will eventually be just as badly off as you were before. Possibly worse if the drug has side effects.

Fortunately there are alternatives to standard medicine. Now you might expect me to tell you to get some herb or another, cook a tea of it and drink it three times a day. Seriously though, if it were that easy, wouldn’t that herb be well-known and famous by now? The matter of fact is that there are countless tips out there like that. If you just search the internet for a bit, you will likely find dozens of pages which recommend a wide variety of herbs or treatments.

In fact one can easily be frustrated just by the sheer variety of natural treatments for eczema that are suggested in the internet, books, magazines, by friends, acquaintances, and family. It might even feel like there is actually too much, and not too little, information out there on how to treat eczema.

Most of that information is actually legitimate, in the sense that it will help some people with their eczema. The problem here is that every person is different, and different people react differently to different kinds of treatment. Therefore, you need to find out what works for you personally.

Dermatitis Natural Treatment

Dermatitis is a complex disease which can have many different causes and triggers (for an overview of common triggers, click here). To find out which of them apply to you and which don’t, a systematic approach is necessary. I spent many years following a trial-and-error approach in an effort to get my eczema under control. As a result I was able identify three steps that can be regarded as inevitable to cure any eczema, independent of individual circumstances.

The following three steps are key to a natural treatment for eczema:

  1. Accept responsibility to cure yourself
  2. Change aspects of your life one by one to find out what improves your condition
  3. Take care of your skin on a daily basis using natural remedies

I posted separate articles with in-depth information about each of these three steps. If you follow all of them, you will soon be able to cure your eczema in a natural way instead of relying on cortisone & drugs.

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