Only You Can Cure Yourself

I had my personal breakthrough with regards to curing my eczema in 2006, about 6 years ago now. I was travelling abroad and on one of the last days of my trip, I noticed a rather nasty looking skin infection on my legs!

I knew from previous occasion that this kind of infection could sometimes get so bad that I would end up in a hospital for weeks. In panic, I decided to cancel what was left of my holiday and fly back home that same day in order to get professional assistance at the emergency room. Never mind the extra cost for changing the flight, I definitely preferred to pay a bit more rather than risk the infection getting worse.

I remember shivering on my seat on the three-hour flight back, and I’m still not sure whether it was because of a light fever, whether due to the eczema my skin was unable to keep the warmth in my body, or maybe it was simply anxiety. Or maybe it was the three of them combined.

“You Have to Cure Yourself!”

Great was my surprise when I finally arrived at the emergency room in my home town that night, and after a waiting time of several hours, the doctor on duty received me with a frown. She told me that I shouldn’t have come to the hospital at all with this infection, let alone cancel my holiday! According to her, I should have just gone to the chemist to get some antiseptic, and some bandages to cover the wounds. Simple as that, no medical prescription needed.

She repeated that I shouldn’t even have come to see her for this triviality, and then spoke the phrase that would mark my personal eczema turning point: “We, the doctors, can not cure you. You have to cure yourself!”

Cure Myself?

Nobody, let alone a doctor, had ever told me that before. How was I supposed to cure myself? I was dumbfounded, and my first reaction was to think it quite unprofessional of her to say such a thing. Did she just not want to help me? Isn’t it a doctor’s job to cure people, after all? It seemed quite unfair. How would I know what to do in this kind of situation?

A couple of days passed, and after a while I started to realize the ultimate wisdom in her words. A doctor usually sees several dozens of patients any given day. Of course he or she will do their best to assist you. But think about it this way. As a doctor, how much can you really do in those few minutes when you see a patient, whom you otherwise don’t even know?

Quite a bit maybe, but certainly not enough to cure a chronic disease. And that’s why according to standard Western medicine, eczema is considered incurable, just like many other chronic conditions.

Assuming Responsibility Is the First Step to Healing

Only you can cure yourself of your eczema. Chronic diseases don’t come out of nowhere, they are usually linked to environmental factors and life style. Everybody knows that smoking can lead to cancer, and sitting in an office chair all day without exercising can lead to back pain. So obviously to cure a chronic condition, you need to

And ultimately that is your personal responsibility. Realizing this simple truth is the first step to permanently get rid of eczema, or actually of any chronic condition that you may be suffering.

Had I known back in 2006 that some antiseptic, readily available at every chemist’s shop, would cure my skin infection, I wouldn’t have had to end my holiday prematurely. Needless to say, I never had a serious skin infection like that again… it is actually very simple to recognize and cure them early on, once you know what needs to be done.


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