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Hello and welcome. My name is Sebastian, and I am creating this site to share my experience with dermatitis, and how I learned to get it under control.

I have lived with atopic dermatitis (also called excema) for most of my life, starting when I was a little kid.

In my teenage years, the disease fortunately disappeared completely for about seven years. However when I was in my twenties, it came back more powerful than ever! I am going to spare you the gory details here, as I am trying to keep this website positive and focus on the curing aspect.

There are lots of web pages out there that will explain you all the symptoms of severe dermatitis, and many of them also have photos. I decided not to put up any dermatitis photos on this website as I find them quite disturbing to be honest.

Anyway, in my twenties I was often close to despair. Trust me that I endured pretty much everything that eczema has to offer — and on two occasions, my state even got so critical that I had to be hospitalized for weeks.

But even though I may have been close to despair, I never stopped looking for a solution. Not until my early thirties though did I find out how to actually relieve my dermatitis without having to rely on prescription drugs. Once I found what influenced my skin, I was easily able to cut my symptoms to an absolute minimum.

Today my skin looks and feels healthy and soft. I still occasionally get a red spot here or there, but it’s really nothing at all compared to the flaky, oozing skin patches that I often had to endure before.

The key to permanent relief isn’t in using some kind of miracle medicine, it’s rather a change of diet and life style. That’s what I consider a truly natural remedy. And that’s what I want to share on this site.

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